FLAX Fabrics

Handkerchief: Our Handkerchief linen is our lightest weight option while remaining opaque. With an airy and lightweight feel, this fabric is a popular choice for both day and night, especially during the warmer months. Handkerchief weight is ideal for those who prefer a barely-there sensation against their skin.

Gauze: Gauze linen is best worn loosely and layered due to its sheer nature. This fabric is more delicate, so it is susceptible to snags and slubs. We strongly advise against ironing this fabric to preserve its unique texture and depth. Styles in gauze often exclude pockets and bust darts. After washing and drying, gauze may appear to have shrunk; however, rest assured, wearing it will restore its original shape. Alternatively, laying it flat to dry and then using a low dryer setting can help soften it.

Lightweight: Our Lightweight linen offers slightly more substance than our Handkerchief weight, all while maintaining a breathable and flowing feel. This linen is prominently featured in our spring and summer collections.

Yarn Dyes: Yarn Dyes are specialty lightweight linens woven with two or three colored threads, effectively adding depth and visual interest to the fabric.

Medium Weight: The Medium Weight linen serves as our standard choice, prominently featured in our Classics and Core collections. It offers ample coverage and versatility for year-round wear. This linen is perfect as stand-alone pieces in the summer and easily adaptable for layering as temperatures drop.

Panama: Panama fabrics feature a two-colored yarn-dye in a medium weight linen. Its delicate nature showcases slubs and variations, which is why we advise against ironing to maintain its cozy sweater-like feel.

Homespun: Our Heaviest Linen, Homespun, excels as an excellent insulator while retaining breathability and offering extraordinary comfort. This linen is a fantastic way to continue enjoying flax, even after the summer season concludes.

Our Customer Service Team is well-versed in the nuances of our FLAX fabrics. Whether you have questions about the lightness of Handkerchief, the cozy feel of Panama, or the unique texture of Gauze, we're here to guide you. Our Customer Service Team is available Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. Please call (607) 564-8730 or email us at barnsale@flaxdesigns.com. We're eager to assist you in finding the perfect linen for your needs.